Lord, I Believe

I pray, "Lord, I believe!" But where my faith is lacking "help my unbelief".


Maybe There Is No Line

I've prayed "Father, teach me where this line is" . But maybe there isn't a line at all. All this is in His hands. Yes, there is responsibility on my part but there isn't a line in between. Maybe the responsibility that is on me as a mom is also in His hands.

On days like these

Stop trying to push your way through this day and rest in your Father's arms. Pour out your heart to Him every pain, every fear, don't hold anything back. Then let Him hold you when it hurts. Rest in Him and let His peace fill your heart. This peace doesn't mean you don't have things to do, things to be concerned about or even that the ache and weight of it all goes away. His peace comes in the middle of it all.

Get Ready, Set…

This is our (my kids and mine) 2nd year going to school. Last year was a good year, it was hard with paperwork, meeting, and diagnosis, but it was good. God took care of each of them, above and beyond I could have hoped or prayed for.