Rainbow in the Storm

In the storm, God's promises and grace are put on display just like this picture of the rainbow. But just like you have to look up to see a rainbow you have to look to see God's grace and promises in the storms of life.


If it is Strength You See…

When someone hears my story I sometimes get told "you're strong..." or "God won't give you more than you can handle"   I've often just smile but I really don't like being told this. They may see the girl standing in front of them at the moment and she may look strong. But what they don't know is that I am literally biting my tongue because I don't want to cry (again).

When God Winks at You

the speaker was a lady who brought our faith into walking the life we now have. She spoke from a place of "I get it, I've been there". Two of her children have special needs, one severe and the other one not so severe. She shared verses that she clings to on those hard days.