This is the Good Life

VBS is always fun! We go every year often to a couple different ones. This is a year I will never forget. We were visiting friends and enjoying VBS at their church. Thursday night my friend shared the gospel with my son's class. He whispered to me "I believe".


Legacy of Faith

My Bear He hold many memories and more secrets than I'm willing to admit. He was a gift from my beloved Papa David (grandpa) on the last normal Christmas we had together, I was 13 (the age my oldest daughter is now). I told my mom that I wanted a "Big Bear" for Christmas and she just rolled her eyes at me. As a mom I now get this and would do the same to my kids. But, this girl knew where to go and I told Papa I wanted a big bear.

Safe in the Storm

Faith gives us courage. Courage isn't the absence of fear. It is rising up in the face of fear and moving forward anyway. In times of fear, and there are times in this life that will scare you, let faith rise above the fear and lead you.

Grace turns 10

Whenever one of the kid's have a birthday it is a reminder of the blessing God placed in my life. But, there is something to be that makes me think a little deeper when they hit one of those milestone Birthdays. This year Grace turned 10!

In My Father’s Arms

As Jonathan prays he will ask for Jesus to give him good dreams. Or when he gets up in the middle of the night he asks "mom, pray that Jesus will give me good dreams". This is the faith of a child, he believes that God is big enough to do anything and close enough to care.

On days like these

Stop trying to push your way through this day and rest in your Father's arms. Pour out your heart to Him every pain, every fear, don't hold anything back. Then let Him hold you when it hurts. Rest in Him and let His peace fill your heart. This peace doesn't mean you don't have things to do, things to be concerned about or even that the ache and weight of it all goes away. His peace comes in the middle of it all.