Time To Breathe

My time with God is not something I can do with out. It is my life line! I wake up early just so I have my time to read and pray as I start the day.


For My Good and His Glory

Everything that happens in life isn't good however we have the promise that our God will use it for good (Romans 8:28). I'll be there first to admit that it can be very to see how good can come out of some situations.

In My Father’s Arms

As Jonathan prays he will ask for Jesus to give him good dreams. Or when he gets up in the middle of the night he asks "mom, pray that Jesus will give me good dreams". This is the faith of a child, he believes that God is big enough to do anything and close enough to care.

Choosing Trust

As I watched myself put on my ring one morning I realized the significance of it. A ring reminding me to trust. To trust not just a little but with ALL MY HEART. Trust is a choice.Just as I make the effort to put on the ring, I must choose to trust every day too. Trust because He is my peace. But, it does take choosing to trust.


Jonathan loves to ask questions right now, Especially at Bible time. It's been fun and rewarding getting to hear him ask questions trying to understand God deeper. A hunger I pray never leaves. Tonight he asked what it meant that God was limitless. That is a really big concept. I am not sure I truly … Continue reading Exorcise

He has began a Good work

I decided I wanted to share a verse with my friends

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus - Philippians 1:6

This is a verse that has been sitting on my heart. It is a message that I keep hearing over and over again.