Christmas Leftovers

The kids have been off from school over Christmas. The little ones ended up sick over Christmas. We decided now to share with family and ended up just staying home. While I missed getting to visit with family it was nice to just stay home and sit on the couch, even if we had sick … Continue reading Christmas Leftovers



Jonathan loves to ask questions right now, Especially at Bible time. It's been fun and rewarding getting to hear him ask questions trying to understand God deeper. A hunger I pray never leaves. Tonight he asked what it meant that God was limitless. That is a really big concept. I am not sure I truly … Continue reading Exorcise

Get Ready, Set…

This is our (my kids and mine) 2nd year going to school. Last year was a good year, it was hard with paperwork, meeting, and diagnosis, but it was good. God took care of each of them, above and beyond I could have hoped or prayed for.