Do Not Fear

The Bible says "do not fear" 365 times. But today I find myself in a place I know that I am afraid. It seems like I am reliving a nightmare that I never wanted to be in the first time.


Faith Of A Child

Most recently he has had bad dreams. As he wakes up and comes to me. One night as I walked him back to his bed he asked me "mom, can you pray and ask Jesus to give me good dreams?". "of course I can..." I said


Jonathan loves to ask questions right now, Especially at Bible time. It's been fun and rewarding getting to hear him ask questions trying to understand God deeper. A hunger I pray never leaves. Tonight he asked what it meant that God was limitless. That is a really big concept. I am not sure I truly … Continue reading Exorcise

Get Ready, Set…

This is our (my kids and mine) 2nd year going to school. Last year was a good year, it was hard with paperwork, meeting, and diagnosis, but it was good. God took care of each of them, above and beyond I could have hoped or prayed for.