I have been looking for something to do that would allow me to be the mom I needed to be and still make a little money.

My Schedule is demanding with 3 kids who all have special needs and just the everyday family life, church, and school.

My bestie from high school had been working with Beautycounter for about a year. I could see that she liked it and was doing well. What resonated with her also resonated with me.

The question “have you ever thought about what is in the products you use?”

I had never thought about what was in products I was using or that any of it wasn’t good for you and even harmful.

I quickly learned that there are many harmful ingredients that are used everyday.

This is something Beautycounter calls the never list. It is ingredients that are known to be harmful or very questionable and they promise to never use in their products.

As a mom, I want to give my kids the best I can.

I want to use what is safer and good for my kids and for me too.

Beautycounter is all about having safer, clean products.

More than just make up there is something for everyone; kid’s products, baby products, skin care and yes even amazing make up.

As a Mom, I love knowing that there are no harmful chemicals or hormone disrupters in Beautycounter it is safe for my tween daughter. She is 12 and I don’t need anything messing with her hormones!!!

I believe that I need to take the best care of this body God has given me.

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