The Real Miracle

Back in December my oldest and youngest (who both have hearing loss) had EKGs I was told my daughter a heart condition and given a diagnosis. Also told my son’s test looked better but to be careful and watch him as well.

Ment with one cardioologist who then send us to his friend who speicalizes in this area of the heart.

Went to the 2nd cardiologist, Had another EKG on Anna. This Doctor looked at this one and the first one. Did his own calculations. Didn’t just read the computer’s.

Even with the Dotor reading the test; 1st EKG says she has the condistion, the 2nd one (today’s) is normal.

I asked “what do we do? do we need to monotor her?” He said “no, this doesn’t happen” it doesn’t show up and then not show up.

He said that he would not give Anna the diagnosis because that day’s test was normal and is calling her “on the line” but unless she has completions it we’re not doing anything. No surgery, not even meds.

He looked at Jonathan’s EKG too and said his is normal and we have nothing to worry about with him.

That my friend is nothing less than a miracle!

I walked away a little stuned.

What just happened?!?

I wasn’t going in for a diagnosis, we had one. My mind was in a place of acceptance. We walked in to see what we needed to do to treat what the test said she had and now it’s gone.

What justs happened?

When I shared with friends who had been praying with me, one texted me “sounds like something I told you… and you looked at me like I was crazy”.

She is one who always makes me laugh. I answered back “I didn’t expect this. But, I guess I know who was praying for the miracle”.

There are many times I do pray for the miracle knowing at His word He can do anything. This time however I was not. I was praying for wisdom in moving forward with treatment. Knowing all the responciblity that is on me is first in His hands and that He would be with me through anything that needed to be done.

All this was not wasted. It is a lesson in Trust. Through it all choosing to trust even when I scared. Faith isn’t an emotion (can we say “thank you Lord!”) It is choosing to stand on the Truth of the Word of God. Choosing to TRUST no matter what.

I’ve been on both sides I’ve seen miracles and I had tests come back with answers I’ve begged God not to have.

I quickly shared the news with friends who have walked and prayed with me through the last 15+ months but I have hesated to share with others.

I have hesated becaues though this time we celebrate the mircale we (my family) still deal with so much. Often times this isn’t seen and is forgoten.

It is a mircale that this condition is gone and even the doctor said “this doesn’t happen”. But, the bigger miracle isn’t in the taking away the hard but that My God comes close and walks with me even in the hard. In what is now our everyday life.

Who am I that God should know who I am and care about me?

but, He calls me His beloeved Daughter.

Through it all He Is Good.

Father thank you for working mircales and thank you for the miracale of walking with me everyday. In the good days and in the hard days. Thank you for your promice that you will never leave me. Let us celebrate and praise you on the days of miracles. But, Father, may I be the voice that tells of the miracle of your faithfullness even when our requests aren’t answered as we wanted. The Miracle of it all is that My God Walks with Me!


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