A Big Bible

Jonathan has been begging for a “big Bible” since before Christmas. 
I started looking around to see what would be good for him. 
This is what we found. 
Jonathan loves it! 
I love that he loves God’s word!

That night after I gave him his Bible, we sat down to our family devotional time. Jonathan ran, got his Bible and asked “where are you reading I want to read it in my Bible!”

I helped him find the passage we were reading. He was so excited and happy to be reading it in his Bible!

This has been one of the greatest joys in my life. To see my son love God’s word. I pray that this desire never leaves but grows deeper as he grows up.

As we read our Bible story devotions together he will, at times, jump up say; “I know this one!”

Not too long ago he did this just as my husband was starting to read the story of the good Samarian.

Jonathan jumped up to his feet! Proclaimed; “I know this!”

And then proceeded to tell us the entire story from memory, even the details. It is was a Levi, priest and Samarian who passed by. It was the Samarian who stopped and helped. He even know that the Jews and Samarians didn’t get a long at the time. He was very expressive as he told the story with such passion.

I just sat in amazement at my 8 year old son’s excitement over scripture and how he wanted to share with us.

My husband never finished reading, Jonathan had told us the story. We prayed and then it was off to bed.

Father, thank you for the faith I see in my son. For his love for your Word even as an 8 year old boy. I pray that this desire never leaves but only grows as he does. Thank you for the blessing of getting to be Jonathan’s mom he truly is what his name means; a gift of God. Give me the wisdom to teach him as he grows. Most of all Father let him see my love for you.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

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