When I’m scared

Jonathan deals with high anxiety. Bedtime has gotten harder. He often is woken up by bad dreams. He is now worried to go to sleep because he doesn’t want to have a bad dream.

As a mom, this breaks my heart. I do all that I can. I lay with him and hold him as he falls asleep (sometimes this takes a while). As I hold him I pray over him.

He often asks that we pray he has good dreams. As we lay in bed we pray together. I love his faith. The faith of a child who believes God is big enough to do anything and close enough to care. God give me the faith of a child.

Tonight as he grabbed his Devo book he said (talking to himself) “I want to read one about being scared”. He turned to the table of contents, found one and read it.

He may be dealing with anxiety and scared to go to sleep but he is looking to God’s word for comfort. I pray he will always run to God for whatever he needs.

God Give Me The Faith of a Child

This is something I know I should do but I hate to admit it’s not my first response. I don’t really know how I respond but I know it takes my mind a while before I get here.

Too often I will find myself afraid and fear can grip my heart. The only way that I find peace is when I get on my knees and pray.

I love devotional books, I have a collection of them. There is nothing that can take the place of reading God’s word. I have my time in Scripture each morning. I will use a devotional book to add to this time in the morning or at other parts of the day.

I’ve had days when I knew my mind was focused on the wrong thing and my heart full of worry. I will grab one of my books to help me refocus. Each one takes my focus and points me to God, giving me verses to fix my mind on.

When I am scared I know what I need to do. I need to shift my focus on to the one who holds everything in His hands.

How do you shift your focus?

Father thank you for your Word that speaks comfort when I am afraid. Let me have the faith of a child that runs to you when I am scared. It is only you who can comfot my heart. I am your child and when life happens and I faced with something that scares me you come beside me take my hand and walk with me. I am in awe of this miracle right now; that My God comes close and walks with me everyday. Thank you for your promice that you will never leave me (Hewbews 13:5). You are faithful.

In Jesus name I pray ~Amen

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