Birthdays week

My Oldest and youngest were born 5 years and 2 days apart. We’ve had a busy fun birthday week.

This year my old turned 13! I’m officially a mom of a teen. But, she’s been preparing me for years. Her first week of kindergarten she turned around and asked; “how much longer until I get to High School?”

I wanted to make this Birthday special for her. I went to those who are or have been her teachers at church, women I know she has a connection with.

Though these are written to Anna seeing all these have been a blessing to me. These are women who care about, pray for and speak into my daughter’s life. I am thankful that she is surrounded by these women.

My sweet baby boy turned 8! I got to go have lunch with lunch with him at school and make his day special.

We went to the Crayola Experience on Saturday and made some memories. I hope that they had a wonderful week celebrating their Birthdays!

Father thank you that we got to celebrate another year of life for Anna and Jonathan. I am so thankful that I get to be their Mom. They bring such joy to my life. Watching Anna grown from a baby girl into the young woman she is today has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am thankful that she is surrounded by women who speak into her life as she continues to grow into the women you want her to be. Thank you for Jonathan, my sweet baby boy. He is so kind and caring, he is such a helper to his sister Grace. Thank you, Father, for the rich blessings in my life.


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