Proud Mommy Moment

Even when you are walking through what may be the hardest of days there are always things to be thankful for and blessings all around us. You just have to remember to look for them.

Yesterday was one of those days that lifted my spirit. Jonathan had class awards.

I loved celebrating these moments with him.

He was being a little shy and but he smiled and I could see the confidence he gained as he received the awards. He is able to do something well.

When I told Anna that Jonathan was got awards she responded with; “oh, yeah I got some before Christmas break”.

My silly girl, she is proud of her awards but was low-key about them.

I made her get them out so I can get a picture and celebrate with her!


She is also getting a poem she wrote published in a magazine as a rising star.

These are proud mommy moments.

They are awards for their work but they also tell me they are doing well in school. I am sure it is a proud moment for all moms. But, for me, they may mean a little more. These two have challenges in school that many do not. Yet, they are still doing well. I am very thankful for these little awards.

God’s hand is evident in how they came to go to this school and in the people in place here. They have wonderful teachers who are willing to help where they need help. They encourage and help them to grow. Yes, God fingerprints are all over this.

Last year I watched this door open and I followed God’s leading. I was still nervous as they started school. This was a big change going from homeschooling all of them to all of them going to school. But I chose to trust God in His leading and followed. Moments like these make me thankful that I did.

Father thank you for moments we get to celebrate. For things that bring us joy and for things like school awards that celebrate the hard work these kids have done. Give me eyes to see the blessings in the middle of hard days. Let me be thankful for all you are doing. Thank you that Anna and Jonathan are doing so well in school though they have challenges. Thank you for their teachers that are so willing to help and encourage them. Thank you for the blessing of getting to be their Mom.


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