Choosing Trust

“trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” -Proverbs 3:5

I wear this ring right now, it has the Proverbs 3:5 on it.

I bought it the day the cardiologist office called and said Anna needed to come back in because they saw something on her test.

I bought it before I even knew the diagnosis.

I went to see my friend that night. We talked about the events of the day. But then she looked at me and said something that has stayed with me. She said “keep trusting. I know it’s hard right now, I’ve been there, but keep trusting.”

As I watched myself put on my ring one morning I realized the significance of it. A ring reminding me to trust. To trust not just a little but with ALL MY HEART.

Trust is a choice.

Just as I make the effort to put on the ring, I must choose to trust every day too. Trust because He is my peace. But, it does take choosing to trust.

Faith doesn’t make things easy it makes the possible.

Even with doing all I can to keep my eyes on God, choosing to trust Him, and leaning on my friends…

Today is still hard.

But my faith makes them possible. Because of grace, God gives me His strength to take the next step and do what I need to do.

I am thankful for friends who remind me to choose Trust even when it is hard and that it’s okay that today is hard. Faith doesn’t make it easy it makes today possible. I am thankful for those friends who encourage me and pray for me and my family.

I love wearing this simple ring because it is much more than just something pretty, it has meaning. It is a reminder of what God has told me in Scripture. Each time I play with it on my hand, I am reminded to Trust. Each time I catch a glimpse of it on my hand, I am reminded to Trust. Each time I put it on, I am reminded to chose to Trust today.

Not to just trust but to Trust in the Lord with All My Heart.

When I chose to trust it there is peace. There are still things to do and still, things to be concerned about. But, there is God’s peace in the middle of all this. This peace doesn’t make sense because it is not of this world. This is God’s peace and it passes our understanding.

I don’t know what you have faced in the past or what you are facing today…

but my friend – Choose. To. Trust.

I know today it may be hard… but, Keep Trusting.

Our Father is with you, rest in his loving arms.

Father, I chose to put my trust in you. On the days that everything seems calm and peaceful, I chose to trust. On days when my world is shaken and I find myself knocked down to my knees, I chose to trust you. I may not know what tomorrow holds but I know that You are the one who holds tomorrow. Thank you for a friend who reminds me to keep my eyes on you. Father today is hard but I thank you for your grace that gives me your strength to get through today. As I chose to trust you thank you for your peace in my heart. Father, keep me close to you I pray.



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