Christmas Leftovers

The kids have been off from school over Christmas. The little ones ended up sick over Christmas. We decided now to share with family and ended up just staying home.


While I missed getting to visit with family it was nice to just stay home and sit on the couch, even if we had sick kids on us.

They did get to open their gifts from us and Ganny brought gifts from family over later.

One of the gifts that my son received was a metal dune buggy. He is 7 and can’t quite do this yet. But, he was so excited there was no way I was going to sneak this into the closet until he can actually do it. So, I ended up putting it together.

let’s just say I like legos better and didn’t mind putting these together.

It took time and I had to follow all 25 steps!!!

then when I got near the end realized I didn’t have the right piece. I had to backtrack where I may have out it. Sure enough about 5 steps before I had grabbed the wrong size piece and now needed to change them out.

Finally got to the last step of putting the last set of wheels on and they didn’t roll!!!

I had followed every step, even went back and fixed what I messed up but it still wasn’t working.

You know I couldn’t just leave it this way. Yes, I had followed every step but I needed to get it to roll. All this time and effort. I fiddled with it until I found a way to adjust it where the wheels would roll!!!

It took time, effort, and adjusting but it was all worth it to see his smile when it all came together!

There are life lessons everywhere if you just look. This is no different. This took time, effort, following every step carefully and it still didn’t work correctly. It took adjusting something that wasn’t in the plan for it to be able to work.

It’s been about a year since we were given diagnisis of hearing loss and Jonathan’s anxity. It has taken lots of time and effoert to get them the things that they need and everything in place. It’s been a year but we are still adjusting.

Though it is hard to see right now I cling the promise that “works all things for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28). There are good days when I think I am beginning to get this but then there are hard days where I fall.

A friend posted a few days ago about breaking in new shoes, that where I am, where we are, learning to walk here and adjust to life now. This is our new normal. It’s been a year but I’m still adjusting.

Thank you, Father, for walking with me as we adjust to where we are in life now. There are good days but there are hard days. Every step you are with me. Thank you for the joys of seeing smiles like this on my son’s face. I don’t know why we are here but I know and believe that you will use all this for good. Keep me close to you as I follow each step you have for me. You are my Good Shepheard who leads me up to the mountain tops and in the valley.


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