He Calls Me By Name

I was reading through the book of John.

I love reading the Gospels and about the time Jesus spent here on earth.

But, then as I make my way through Palm Sunday comes.

This must have been an amazing day to witness but I cringe… I know what is coming.

He Chose the Nails

The betrayal of Jesus

a friend’s denial

The shouts changing from “Hosanna”

to “Crucify” (John 12; John 19:6).

the beatings and crucifixion.

I cringe at what happened to my Lord.

it makes me very aware of just what my sin cost.

There is Hope

As hard as these passages are to read I keep in mind that there is hope, the Empty Grave is coming!

He is not Here!

The women were the last at the cross and the first at the grave Resurrection morning.

There is a story of Mary Magdalene tucked in here that I like (John 20:11-18).

Peter and John have come and gone.

Mary stays and is crying at the tomb. It is here she sees Jesus but doesn’t recognize Him.

He then calls her by name at the sound of His voice she knows exactly who He is!

she cries; “Rabboni!” (which means “teacher”).

His Voice

There are times that I have been so broken that I can’t seem to see what is right in front of me.

The hurt seems to blind me, the problem seems too big… I just can’t see.

But, then Jesus comes after me and calls me by name.

a verse or passage that comes and wipers in my heart.

a verse that I came across that speaks to me.

a song that reminds me of His love and promises.

a friend that reminds me that even here our God is with me.

He calls me by name and when I look up my eyes are able to see my Lord and my God.

I chose you – John 15:16b

the sheep listen for his voice. He calls his own sheep by name – John 10:3b

Reckless Love

He leaves the 99 for me when I can not see and meets me where I am.


Father thank you for loving me. Forgive me, may I never forget that my sin cost the blood of Christ. Thank you that when I am blinded by things of this world you come after me and call me by name. Lifting my broken heart and tear-filled eyes to you at the sound of your voice. Thank you for Your Spirit that speaks to my heart even today.


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