Welcome to the Club

Why Does My Head Hurt?

I had a headache noticeably for about a week when I had enough of it and decided it was time to ask why.

Now that I can look back I can see I slowed down how much I read this summer. I thought it was just because kid where home and I didn’t have time.

I noticed my head hurt more when I was on my laptop… I thought maybe I just on it a lot.

But, this headache wouldn’t go away.

Time to start asking questions, I stopped and did a free vision screening at an eyeglasses store.

She said, “I suggest you get an exam”.

I saw the doctor later that day and he said “yup, you need glasses”

Here is the source of my headache.

Happy Birthday to me, I get glasses.

Most of my siblings have glasses but I thought I snuck by this one.

Since my sisters have picked out glasses before I made them help me.

They live halfway across the country so I group texted them several pictures of me trying on different frames.

You can still be close miles apart.

Here is what we ended up with…


I texted my friend told her what I got to spend my birthday money on. She texted me back; “Welcome to the club”

This friend always makes me laugh.

My Take Away

There are some lessons I have taken away from all this. One is not to wait until I hurt myself to ask for help. Another is that sometimes we need another’s view and wisdom.

If I would have been paying attention I wouldn’t have gotten such a bad headache but I kept pushing it aside and making excuses.

I didn’t know that I needed glasses.

Isn’t funny that sometimes we need someone to tell us we need help.

I needed the doctor, who could see more then I could, who knows more then I do, to tell me that I need glasses because I’m not seeing quite right.

This lesson is about so much more than getting glasses.

I will often keep going and just keep working with many things in my life. I can end up with more than a headache, I can end up hurting myself or worse even someone around me.

Don’t wait to ask for help.

We were never meant to do this life alone.

God has given us the gift of a community so that we can help and encourage one another.

Walk with the Wise

Psalm 13:20 says “Walk with the wise and become wise…”

When I walk with one who is wiser than me I learn from her.

I listen to her wisdom as she looks into my life and tells me when I need help. Often times I don’t even know it.

She reminds me to keep my eyes on our God.

I watch her as she walks through this life and I see her how she takes her strength from our God.

At times I stand on her faith when days are hard and my faith is put to the test.

When I read this verse there are a couple of faces that come to my mind.

I am not sure why they put up with me hanging around but I am thankful that they do.



Father thank you for the gift of a community. Thank you that I don’t have to walk this life alone but have friends who help me, encourage me, and laugh with me. The greatest gift I have ever received is a friend who prays for me. I am blessed to have a few and I am so thankful for them. Give me eyes to see who I can help and encourage today.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

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