Get Ready, Set…

This is our (my kids and mine) 2nd year going to school.


Last year was a good year,

it was hard with paperwork, meeting, and diagnosis, but it was good.

God took care of each of them, above and beyond I could have hoped or prayed for.

My kids were excited about going back to school.

Grace was asking about a week and a half before school started if she was going to school that day.

But at the beginning of the month, I began to have mixed feelings about school starting up.

I was excited about school starting and getting to see them grow even more this year.

But, I am a mama who loves being at home with my kids. There are times they drive me up the wall but I do love time with them.

We went to meet the teacher,

The kids loved getting to see their classrooms and teachers!

I even found myself smiling as I saw and met with teachers and I got to see a friend.

I left with feeling happy and excited

the mixed feelings have kind of faded away.

That day was a reminder that I am walking where God is leading. And, it is also a reminder that my God does care about me and my feelings.

There is not only peace about kids going to school I am happy about and smiling about where God has placed us for school.



Thank you, Faher, for all that you have provided. Thank you that though you are the one who make the stars you are as close as the breath I take. I know every thought and emotion and you care. Thank you for this time that the kids got to go meet their teachers and see their new classrooms. You used this time to give me a gentle reminder that I am right where you want me, that these children are right where you want them and you have prepared this place for them. I left with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. These children are yours before they are mine. Excited to see how you are going to work this school year.


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