My Story of Grace


This is the 5th Friday of this month.

I thought I’d do something a little different.

I wanted to share a great story of God’s grace in my life.

This is the story behind the title of my blog.

I thought about writing a post but I want to share this story with you the same way I would if you were sitting with me.

So, here it is…

A Story of Grace

I love this song!!!

Though this time that I have walked through I have learned to come to God as a child and sit in His arms. He is my greatest comforter.

Grace Today


Father, thank you for walking with me through this time even when I felt alone. Thank you for the miracle of Grace’s life. That even in the unexpected you have worked. I was so broken but you in your great love for me you didn’t leave me there, you came after my heart. This is my story to share now, a testimony of your great love. I pray that in sharing my story I will encourage another and point her to you. All this is yours, I am yours, use me

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

21 thoughts on “My Story of Grace

  1. lisajakesmomma says:

    Thank you for sharing such a raw and emotional story. I feel like the emotions and thoughts you were having are so common. However, like you, many struggle with them. They feel like they are bad or wrong for not just being happy, not having faith, etc. Sharing your story will help so many who are going through similar situations.

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    • Crystal Russell says:

      Thank you
      That is my hope and prayer… that sharing frees the girl like me to share those feeling and thoughts. It’s only when they are brought to the light can we work through them and heal.


  2. Simplefficientmama says:

    What an encouraging story. Thank you for being so real in sharing your pain and your struggles. I believe that this will definitely help others that may be going through or have gone through the same thing. Hugs to your baby girl and your whole family!

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  3. Rosemarie Ramsingh-Blackaby says:

    You come across as so authentic on camera! This was a touching story thank for doing the video-it was more engaging than a post. I am in tears listening. It pains me that any doctor would be so negative and decisive about such a serious issue. I am also saddened that the health care system was so insensitive as I am a doctor myself. Sorry on behalf of the health care system. Thank God you ignored the doctor and listened to God. She is a beautiful little girl and she will be a needed light in this world. Doctors need to humble themselves-only God has the final answers. Beautiful video. Really

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    • Crystal Russell says:

      Thankfully doctors we have had since she was born (She is quite healthy but we still do our check ups) have been very nice.

      This once made be very upset that her life wasn’t seen as valuable as I saw it. But, I see the value of life through my faith. If they don’t have that faith in their life then life isn’t as valuable.

      I hope and pray for doctors who are believers to speak hope here.
      I also share her story to share the value of her life. I remember the doctors and nurses would watch me a little closer because we continued her pregnancy. I wish I would have been more vocal about it then but sometimes our life speaks louder then words. I hope it did then.

      God has used this to give me a tender heart.
      You might like this post too


  4. DrKLeeBanks says:

    Your story, told in such a raw, vulnerable way, reminds me of a Joyce Meyer quote about letting your “mess become your message” – which you have certainly done here! It certainly isn’t easy, yet if we allow God to work through us, we can turn the pain into a way to minister to other.

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  5. Belinda says:

    My dear friend, that Grace is God’s Grace…no mistakes, just perfect for Him and for you. I love your story, your heart, and your Grace, precious. I cannot fathom the emotions that came with the devastating idea of unhealthy baby….however, no doubt there are many with similar and worse stories of life’s storms that the Devil wants to use to destroy our faith and spirit. You are a strong, faithful, loving parent chosen for Grace by God. May he uphold you every day!

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    • Crystal Russell says:

      It isn’t easy for me. I’m a girl who hid and would not talk for years.

      It took godly women taking me by the hand praying with me, teaching me how to come to our God as my loving Father. Though they don’t walk where I do she shared her life, her story and how God has been faithful. Reminding He will do the same in my life.

      I share my story today because for years I looked and listened for a voice who would share her story and hope. It wasn’t until this year (9yrs later) have I heard even one.

      It’s not easy to share but I share for the girl like me… who needs to hear hope, to hear she isn’t the only one, that yes, it is hard but our God is there.


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