Birthday Fun!

This is a little late but it’s because I wanted to share fun pictures with you.

My Birthday was on a Sunday this year.

I spend most of my day at church on Sunday.

A friend asked me early on Sunday morning what I was doing for my Birthday.

My (a bit of sarcastic) answer was “Awana registration”.

Truth is there is no place I’d rather spend my Birthday then at church.

I get to worship my awesome God with my church family.

And I get to spend time with many of my friends there.

I enjoy getting to be part of the choir. I love to sing.

Sorry if you are ever in the car next to me. It can get loud, hehe

I worked Awana registration for a bit as we get things ready and get kids excited to start next week.

Awana has a special place in my heart and it is a ministry I love getting to be a small part of.

So, I had a great day!

My husband did take me and the kids to Stake n shake for lunch.

And I made myself some cupcakes

I got a lot of Birthday wishes via calls, text, Facebook, and Instagram.

A few cards

And some gift cards.


This one reminds me of one of the great gifts in my life. The gift of friendship and with this friend we share the gift of laughter.

We even got out the Christmas music in Choir practice!!!!

My favorite!!!

yes, I know it’s still 100° here in Dallas

I am one of those people who will randomly have Christmas music on at different times of the year.

I love Christmas music.


Father thank you for another year of life. Remind me that each day that you give me is a gift and to treasure it. Thank you that I got to spend my birthday at church this year, worshiping you there, with family and friends, and doing things that I love. Thank you that I was able to take some time to celebrate with my husband and kids. Each is a gift from you. You are my Father that gives me good gifts every day and I am thankful for them.


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