A Beautyful Sight

Here is a beautiful sight!!!
Grace wrote her name without help and without tracing it!
It’s messy and wobbly
but it’s hers!!!
and that is what makes it so beautiful to me.
This is something she has been working on with her for a while.
It took work,
it took practice,
and it took time.
But she never gave up she kept working (I may or may not have bribed her with a cookie or two at times). It took perseverance to keep working at it. I remember working with her day after day wondering if it was making a difference. There were days that were disheartening, days that seemed that little to no progress was made. She would work so hard and still wasn’t getting it. I often would tell her to keep trying and to do her best. As I told my daughter this it was often me who needed to hear these words more.
Tonight this mama has tears of joy in her eyes.
Grace achieved this goal that she has been working so hard to accomplish!
It took time but all that hard work and practice paid off!
It’s not perfect
it’s a bit wobbly
but she did it and it’s her’s!
This little girl can teach us all something.
So often when I do something I want to be good at it, I want it to look nice, I want to beΒ sure of myself. Afraid that I will make a fool of myselfΒ sometimes I don’t even try.
But it’s okay if I don’t know all the answers, it’s okay if I’m a little wobbly as I learn.
What is important is that I am doing it!
This verse came to mind today;
let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,Β fixing our eyes on Jesus. Hebrews 12:1b-2a
It may take time, work, and perseverance but I will keep running.
Not perfectly, sometimes wobbly but I will keep going.
This is my journey and I will celebrate the accomplishments
and blessings along the way.
My Praryer
Father may I run this race that you have set before me with patience and perseverance. There are days that I question if anything I am doing makes a difference. Remind me to stay the course because you have set this path before me. Keeping my eyes on you, my God, my Father, my strength, my comforter, my everything. When I reach the end of me and have nothing lift remind me that when I cannot you can and you do. Thank you for the blessing of getting to see Grace reach this goal. Thank you for the lesson that it teaches me. To keep working, to do my best, and keep running this race you have for me. I may feel like a mess, I may be wobbly as I learn but I will keep running. Give me eyes to see your blessing along the way.
In Jesus name, Amen

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