When God Winks at You

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen blessing put into my path.
When Grace was diagnosed with Down Syndrome I took it hard. I didn’t know anyone who walked the path of having a child with special needs. While I looked for some connection at first I never found any and I just gave up. This lead to many times I felt very alone in this part of my life. I have some amazing friends but none who could say “I get it, I’ve been there”.
When my kids started school this year it put me in a part of town that I didn’t know well. In fact, I got lost every time I had to go to that part of town. I am directionally challenged and I can get lost with my GPS on. One of the things I did shortly after school started was google the closest Costco (because you need to know where that is). As I followed my GPS home (trying not to get lost) I drove by a church here in Dallas that I have overheard has a special needs program. I wasn’t interested in it for my daughter. But where there are children there are moms and I didn’t have a friend who could say “I get it”. Every time I drove by this came to mind.
I told a good friend of mine I wanted to talk I to her about what I was thinking about. And I asked for her thoughts. She encouraged me to reach out to the other moms there. I am so glad that she did.
Reaching Out
I walked into the church, I was able to meet the lady who organizes the special needs program. She connected me with a mom who also has a daughter with down syndrome.
Two weeks ago there was a conference for those who care for special needs. I don’t know very much about this world and need to learn. It was like trying to drink from a firehose but I had to start somewhere. I sat in a couple different sessions and listened. In the last session, the speaker was a lady who brought our faith into walking the life we now have. She spoke from a place of “I get it, I’ve been there”. Two of her children have special needs, one severe and the other one not so severe. She shared verses that she clings to on those hard days. Messages that have touched her and she will listen to when she needs that reminder of who our God is. If for no other reason that is why I was there that day.
I have looked for someone to speak to this. To bring our faith into being a mom of a child with special needs. I thanked her after the session for sharing what she did and for bringing our faith into. She said she wants to stay in contact with me and just be someone to talk to, most of all on the hard days.
Through some of my new connections, I was invited to a group for those who care for special needs there at the church. I admit I hesitated at the thought of going. Going meant walking in with an unguarded heart. Something I have worked so hard to keep guarded. I thought and prayed about if I should go or not.
I did go to the meeting. And once again God put that one who spoke into me in my path. She shared her story and her life with her special needs daughter. She also took the time to talk with me after the meeting for a few minutes.
Where I once felt alone God has opened the floodgates. I am meeting women who want to come alongside me in my walk as a mom and as a sister in Christ. Reminders that I am not in this alone. My God who is my Good Shephard and Father walks with me. He has also given me sisters in Christ to walk with me as well. It started with a step forward. If I had not reached out I would be missing out on these blessing right now. I am so thankful for my friend who encouraged me to reach out when I hesitated.
We are created for community first with God and then with each other
We are created in the image of God who Himself exists in perfect community within the Trinity. We are created for community too. First with God and then with each other. The church as many functions but one of them is the gift of community as believers. We were never meant to walk this life alone or to try to figure it out on our own. We need each other.
As great as it has been to have these women speak truth into me as a mom who can say “I get it, I’ve been there”. I also see a need for a voice here. I looked for 9 years and I am just now finding one. Like it or not I have a voice here. It is not one I would have chosen to have. One that at times I don’t want to have but I do.
My Praryer
Father, thank you for every blessing that you bring into my life. Thank you that where I once felt alone you have brought women into my path. They speak your truth into my heart reminding me of who you are and the do it while walking a path similar to mine. Give me the opportunity to be that voice for another.
In Jesus name, I pray, Aman

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