Made in His Image

3 kids

Through the Eyes of a Child

We were driving home yesterday when I hear the 3 little ones talking in the back of the van (my two youngest and one of the girls that carpools with us to school). I caught this conversation just as Jonathan says; “you’re not white (as in the literal color white) you are just lighter than me and have blue eyes. I am a little bit darker brown and I have brown eyes, I have a friend at school is who dark brown”.


I chimed in and said; “God made us all different colors, didn’t He? Isn’t that cool?” “Yeah!” Jonathan says.


 As I thought about this today I thought we can all learn from the point of view of this 6yr old boy. He isn’t blind to the fact that God and made us different instead he sees the beauty of it. He has pointed out before that his Dad has blue eyes and sandy blonde hair but Jonathan has dark hair, brown eyes and tanned skin like me. He loves his daddy and it doesn’t matter that they don’t physically look alike in color.  Jonathan, however, does have his daddy’s smile and I am a sucker for it, it melts my heart.


Every race, color, nation, and culture are a reflection of the image of God.

The Bible Tell Us

Then God said, “let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness”. – Genesis 1:26a

So, God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him: male and female He created them”. – Genesis  1:27

Do you realize that every race and culture we see today was all in Adam and Eve the day God created them? They were created in the image of God and so are we. Every race, color, nation, and culture are a reflection of the image of God. This is the Hebrew word ṣelem’ (1) and it means just that “image, model, figures”. We are told that God the Father is a spirit (John 4:24a) the Son came in a physical form as Jesus. God Himself said we are made in His image, in the likeness of Himself. It isn’t that amazing.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red, yellow, black and white, they are all precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world. 

I paint, I know what it is like to take a blank canvas and create an image. Each color and stroke is purposeful and each plays a part in the masterpiece.

That is what we are as God’s creation, every color, every people, every nation, every culture we are all a part of His great masterpiece.


I find other cultures fascinating particularity how believers worship within their culture. I know I might burst a few bubbles here but the American church isn’t the model for how church should be done.

Open your mind and learn how worship is done in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, India. It isn’t the how that is important but the Who you are worshiping. You can start by looking within the border of our own nation.

We have many different ways of worship just in this country. I enjoy getting to visit different churches when I get the opportunity, just to see how they do things. Some are very similar to my home church others a little different but this remains true; we are all worshiping the one true God.

On the way to school, we drive by a Messianic Synagogue. This means they are of the Nation and lineage of Israel who believes that Jesus is the Messiah and in the Gospel. I love Bible history the Old Testament and the Temple are some of my favorite subjects. I hope to have the chance to visit this Synagogue one day.

My Praryer

Father thank you for the reminder that we are all made in your image. Every color, every people, every nation, every culture. Thank you for not making us all the same, may we see your crowning creation as my 6-year-old son does; beautiful. You are a master artist and we are your masterpiece. What a beautiful sight heaven will be when people from every color, people, nation, and culture will bow before you forever worshiping You.


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