More Than I Asked For…


Break Time

The last day of school this fall I got to spend the end of the school day hopping from classroom to classroom to classroom as all three of my kids had parties all at the same time.

It was a little crazy but a whole lot of fun!

As I drove home and reflected on our first semester I see how much God has done.

It all started in the Summer when I unexpectedly got a phone call (because who expect a call from a school in the summer), from a campus I didn’t apply for, and all three of my kids get a place in this school.

It was a moment of faith and trust as I chose to follow God’s lead for our family.

School may not seem like a big deal to many people but it was for me. I was happy and committed to homeschooling my kids.

Though there are times when they seem to drive me crazy I actually love spending time with my kids, I love being Mom.

I am some kinda crazy Mama bear and honestly thought of my kids, as mine.

Them going to school meant I was giving up some control and admitting they are God’s children before they are mine.

Step of Faith

 I took this step of faith and followed the door God opened. This is what I’ve found…

I knew that it was going to be work to get everything set up for Grace.

The Special Education Coordinator is amazing, so sweet and has been so kind walking me through everything that I needed to get done.

All this was new to me and I must have had a million questions.

We have a wonderful plan in place for Grace. She gets to be with her classmates as much as she can and will also get the help with the subjects she needs.

I prayed that God would send a special friend for Grace. He has done just that!

But, He has also done more than I asked, all of her classmates have taken to her.

As we left she said bye to her friends. It’s one thing to see the girls be sweet to one another, but I watched as even the boys came up to her to get their hug before we left (Grace is a hugger).

Keep Walking

But my work here isn’t done, I’ve learned of something that my other two kids need.

I want to be transparent here and when these things started to surface I had a moment or 2 or 3 or 4 or more…

of being very overwhelmed and saying

“God with all that I have to deal with for Grace, now this? I can’t handle all this, it’s too much, it’s not fair”.

I’ve learned to lean on some friends in times like this.

As I texted my friend (fighting back the tears of being overwhelmed)

I told her what is going on (I know she will pray for us – for me.)

Fingerprints of God

I also told her of all that “happen” to already be in place.

In sharing that I am overwhelmed I am also able to share how I see the fingerprints of God in it and I am encouraged.

I am reminded, that No I can’t handle all this on my own, and I’m not.

My God is right here with me, He has gone ahead and prepared the path and has given me friends (sisters) to lean on.

As I finished texting my friend (yes, I am one of those people who can sometimes text a book.) this verse came to mind;

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us”  ~Ephesians 3:20         

If He had just done what I prayed for it would have been far more than I deserve but He worked in ways that are over and above what I had I asked.

He is working in places I didn’t even know to pray for and He has prepared the way.

My kid’s teachers are exactly the teachers they need.

As we start the new year, hopefully, we get some answers, find out what is next and we how to help them.

So many things are in place already we just need to walk through this time and do the work needed.

Life in this fallen world isn’t easy. God doesn’t say that it will be but instead promises to never leave us (Hebrew 13:5)


Father, thank you for all that you have provided, starting with Christmas. Coming to walk this earth with your creation, the cross set before Jesus even then. You made a way for me and all who will believe to be with you, this alone is more than enough! But you are Emmanuel, God with us with me, you walk with me in this life. I see your fingerprints in my life even now in the midst of overwhelming circumstances, you have gone ahead and put so many things in place. You haven’t taken these things away but you have prepared the way and walk with me every step. Keep me close to you and let me hear your voice.

I ask in Jesus name, Amen


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