The Face of Answered Prayer

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My God Hears Me

Scripture teaches us that God hears our prayers and that He even answers them. I believe this with all my heart and I have seen Him answer my prayers before.

Last week I literally got to look into the face of an answered prayer.

It came in a week and in a day that I needed the reminder more than I knew.

I had lunch with my kids at school that day. When I sat down with Grace she pointed to some girls and told me their names.

“Mom, Mom it’s Hannah, it’s Ranada” Grace said, she wanted me to know their names.

Hannah is a very special friend to Grace she loves her, helps her when needed, reads to her, just keeps Grace by her side for no other reason than she loves her.

Prayers of a Mother

This summer after seeing a little girl love Grace like this at VBS I began praying God would send her a friend like this at school.

A few weeks ago the teacher told me about a girl who had come alongside Grace just as I had been praying for. My heart was full just knowing that Grace had a friend like this.

Grace comes home talking about Hannah, I know she loves this friend.

At lunch that day I got to meet Hannah along with another girl who loves Grace a lot. I snapped a picture of the three of them.

The Face of an Answered Prayer

You can see how much these girls love Grace, as a mom, I am overjoyed she has them in her life.

After lunch, I got into my car and I text a few of my good friends the picture with the caption “this is the face of an answered prayer”.

I sat and looked at the picture of the girls and that is exactly what Hannah and Ranada are they are the faces of an answered prayer.

The answers to our prayers may not always have a face. Sometimes answers are opened doors, sometimes healing, sometimes comfort.

This time there are faces to my answered prayer.

I will treasure this picture of these girls forever because they are the faces of answered prayer.

It will remind me that my God does hear and answer my prayers. I may not always get what I pray for but I will get an answer.

me (1)

In Good Company

If you ever get to look into the face of an answered prayer you are in good company.

There are two women in the Bible that we are told also got to do this. Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, and Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel (1).

Hannah came to the tabernacle to pray, she poured her heart out to God and asked Him for a son (2).

While Zacharias is serving in the Temple an angel appears to him and tells him “your prayer is heard” (3). The angel is talking to Zacharias but I am will to say that Elizabeth prayed for a child as well.

When Elizabeth becomes pregnant she says “The Lord has done this for me” (4). As we know Elizabeth gives birth to a son and it is then she gets to look into the face of her answered prayer (5).

In the same way, Hannah gives birth to her son and says “because I have asked the Lord for him” (6). She was looking into the face of her answered prayer.

God’s Grace

This is God’s grace, His undeserved favor. We get to see it in Scripture and we get to see it in our own lives. His grace always amazes me and I can’t help but praise Him for it.


Father, thank you that your word teaches that you hear my prayers and that you answer them. Thank you for letting me see this so clearly. Thank for sending Hannah into Grace’s life to be a special friend to her. When I look at her I am looking into the face of an answered prayer. Thank you for the special friends, that teach me to walk closer with you, that you sent into my life before I even knew to ask for them. You are a good, good Father and you take care of your children. Thank you for loving me.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

1 Luke 1:13, 57; 1 Samuel 1:11,20
2 1 Samuel 1:9-11
3 Luke 1:13 KJV
4 Luke 1:25 NIV
5 Luke 1:57
6 1 Samuel 1:20 NIV

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