God’s Provision


Coincidence or God’s Provision?

How do you often explain thing in life?

Driving to School

Let me tell you what happened to me just this morning.

We were making our way to school, I was stopped at a red light when it turned green and I began to drive.

Just then I saw a car coming from the left. There was a row of stopped cars at this line but one car came up through an empty lane and ran the red light.

He never even slowed down, He was going 40-45mph easy.

I saw him just in time and was able to stop my car but he only missed us by a foot maybe two.

The car to the right of me must have seen me stop and was able to stop on time too as this car sped across the intersection.

Not only was I in the car but all my kids as well.

We narrowly missed being in a bad car accident this morning.

After the car passed by, my foot was hard on the break I took a breath and whispered: “thank you, God”.

I don’t believe in coincidences like this, this was God’s hand of protection!

ruth 4 ruth and baby close upRuth’s Story

I’ve been in the book of Ruth recently toward the beginning of this story we see Naomi and Ruth journey to Bethlehem.

Scripture tells us when they arrive it happened to be harvest time and that Ruth happened to glean in Boaz’s field on the day Boaz happened to be there (1).

The reason Ruth even gets to work in Boaz’s field goes back to the laws found in Leviticus (2).

God made provision for the poor and foreigner in the law.

Ruth was a foreigner and must have learned the Law from Naomi.

We’ll get into that lesson another day.

Ruth took what she had been taught and went out trusting that God would provide.

This is a familiar passage and we know how God provided not only for their needs that day but above and beyond anything they could have imagined.

Through this family comes King David and the Messiah! (3)

All this because Naomi and Ruth happened to come at the right time and Ruth happened to go to Boaz’s field that day.

More than coincidence this is God’s provision.

God Leads

I don’t know what led Ruth to Boaz’s field that day but I know God has His ways of directing us even in the little things.

I don’t know why the car didn’t hit us today but I know that my God is in control and that He has power over everything.

It was nothing I did it was His protection and I praise Him for who He is.

But there will be days when that car doesn’t miss, there are days when the crash happens and yet even here God’s provision can still be seen.

Naomi’s Story

Don’t forget how the book of Ruth begins.

There is a famine and Naomi’s family leaves Bethlehem and goes to the land of Moab (4).

There Her husband and sons die, one of the sons was Ruth’s husband (5).

Naomi spirit is broken when she returns to Bethlehem telling the people “Do not call me Naomi (full), call me Mara (bitter)” (6).

Through God’s perfect provision at the end of this book, we see the women say to Naomi “Praise to the Lord, who this day has not left you without a guardian-redeemer” (7).

In the darkest days God already had provision and in this testimony, we get to see how He worked.


In The Hard Days

I don’t know about you but in those hard days, it is difficult to see how any of it can be used for good.

May we take this testimony that God can and does use things that look hopeless and does great things.

This is an encouragement to me when I don’t understand why things happen.


Father, thank you that you are in control of everything nothing happens without your knowledge or catches you by surprise. Give me eyes to see your provision. May I follow your lead even in the little things as Ruth did. Thank you for your Word. Thank you for your protection this day. Thank you that even in the hard days you are found there too. Take all that I have and use it for Your glory.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

1 Ruth 1:22-2:4
2 Leviticus 19:9-10
3Matthew 1:5-6,16
4Ruth 1:1-2
5 Ruth 1:3-5
6Ruth 1:20 KJV
7Ruth 4:14 NIV

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